Julia Olayanju PhD is a thought-leader in the food industry who combines storytelling and data/scientific insights to educate leaders on practical strategies to create impact in communities while innovating a healthier food future.

Passionate on the subject of diversity in leadership, she speaks on practical strategies to increase diversity in executive positions at corporate organizations. She speaks with the intention to inspire, educate and empower her audience to see past limitations as they press on to create the future they desire.

Julia is the Co-founder and CIO at GrubEasy Interactive Lab: a company that employs artificial intelligence and human intelligence to understand and create strategies to tackle health challenges through nutrition. Prior to GrubEasy Interactive, she founded FoodNiche a company now focused on driving innovation towards healthier future of food through annual summits and community initiatives. She is passionate about inspiring the next generation to make healthier dining choices and believes providing a compelling reasons for such choices matters. She recently launched educational initiatives to expand nutritional education in elementary schools across America.

She contributes regularly on Forbes, focusing on innovation & trends creating a healthier food future.

She holds a PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Her doctoral work was focused on understanding anti-cancer properties of specific chemical compounds found in food.

She is happily married, lives in NJ with her husband Bunmi and their two boys.

For speaking or consulting inquiries email her team at: hello at. juliaolayanju dot com or simply use the contact form.